The Role of Precast Sound Barrier Walls in Sustainable Urban Development

Precast concrete sound barrier wall surrounding the perimeter of a residential complex.

While privacy and security are, without question, factors to consider, one of the most significant reasons to install a barrier wall around your property is its ability to function as a sound deterrent, reducing the amount of noise pollution audible on your property.

Below, find out how a barrier wall manages to be immensely helpful, all without contributing to the waste of limited resources.

The Use of Acoustically Beneficial Material

Using concrete to form a precast sound barrier wall is just one of the ways these structures help reduce ambient noise. Concrete primarily reflects sound waves, and the material will absorb those that aren’t successfully cast back.

These soundproofing traits make it so that the only sounds that can get past the wall are those that emanate from a source that stands higher than the wall itself. As such, when you build a sound barrier that’s thick and relatively tall, the property inside the barrier will be free of any loud noises typically produced by machinery, traffic, or other common sources.

Non-Acoustic Traits Provide Safety Benefits

Aside from providing relief from ambient noise, a precast sound barrier wall provides several other worthwhile advantages. Unlike chain link or wrought iron fencing, for instance, a precast sound barrier made of concrete is fire-resistant. Therefore, whether a neighboring home is on fire or you live in an area with a higher risk of wildfires, your home will be better protected.

A precast concrete sound barrier will also add more shaded areas to your property, making it easier to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer seasons of the year. Moreover, in addition to light and fire protection, concrete property barrier walls also protect you against falling debris from nearby mountains, construction sites, or other sources.

The Longevity of a Precast Sound Barrier Wall Plays a Significant Factor

Once installed, your precast sound barrier wall will last for up to 40 years, allowing you to enjoy all of its benefits — a quieter yard, protection against fire, and other safeguards — for decades without having to do much to maintain it at all.

With other types of fencing, it’s common to need replacement materials, and the upkeep of these other fence types also requires the use of machinery and fuel, which contribute to the waste of limited resources. In contrast, since a precast concrete wall lasts so long, you won’t likely need to gather as many resources to repair it, if any at all, which means you’ll also benefit your local ecosystem.

Low Maintenance Needs Promote Better Sustainability

Over time, your precast sound barrier wall will be more self-sustaining, partly due to its longevity. As it is meant to last for decades, it will improve the overall sustainability of your property.

Enjoy Your Yard More Peacefully

American Precast Concrete can install a sound barrier wall around properties of all sizes and dimensions. If you’re ready to start planning, our team will help you design it. Contact us today to request a quote.