Top 3 Ways to Eliminate the Noise of Cars for Homeowners

Neighborhood with lots of noise pollution looking for precast fences

When relaxing in your home or backyard, the last thing you want to hear is cars rushing on nearby roads. Unfortunately, for many of us, we cannot move or get rid of cars. So, what can you do to make your home the peaceful place it should be? Here are the top three ways to eliminate the noise of cars for homeowners.

Install Precast Concrete Fence

One of the best ways to get rid of road noise is by blocking it with a precast fence. You can’t just use any fence. To get rid of as much noise as possible, you need a thick, dense wall.

Masonry or brick are good options for blocking noise. They also come with a hefty price tag and a good amount of maintenance. Precast concrete is just as good at blocking noise but is a lower cost and easier to maintain than stone or brick. 

It’s equally important to look at how a fence is built when looking to block road noise. You don’t want any gaps or cracks. Sound waves act just like water waves and will flow around and through any spot they can.

Precast concrete is solid with no holes anywhere. It’s built all the way to the ground and can be built as high as 14 feet. In general, if you can see the noise source, you will hear it too. 

Go as high as you can to block the noise while keeping in mind the city code. If you have a balcony or high deck, you will need to go even higher to block the noise.

Background Noise

After you have installed your precast concrete fence, if you still have some noise coming through, use background noise to drown it out. 

While any background noise would work, we highly recommend a fountain or other water feature. The sound of water is fantastic for drowning out the drone of cars. And it is proven to relax whoever is nearby. 

You don’t need a prominent water feature to make a significant impact. Even just a small fountain in a small barrel of water will do the trick. It is quick and easy to install one. Make sure to install the fountain in an area where small children can’t get to it.

If water isn’t your cup of tea, consider other sources. If you like music, install outdoor speakers. You can even turn on a nature sounds playlist if you want. Or set up a cooling fan nearby.

New Windows and Doors

Another way to increase the peace inside your home, consider upgrading your windows and doors. Flimsy, old ones don’t block sound as well as newer ones can. 

Triple pane windows are the best for blocking sound. You want to make sure the windows and doors have no cracks or gaps where the sound waves can travel through.

You might be surprised by how little good windows and doors will cost you. They also have the bonus of lowering your heating and air conditioning bill.

American Precast Concrete Inc.

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