Sound Barriers

Sound buffering technology was built into American Precast Concrete products to decrease noise pollution, while still capturing the aesthetics of natural stone, brick, or wood. The importance of structural durability combined with visual appeal and noise reduction creates a standard of living that is valuable to residents, the economy, and the overall community.

Today, more and more commercial and residential developers have been choosing soundproof precast concrete, such as Woodcrete™, Rustic Brick™, Stack Stone, and Smoothstone™ over traditional materials. Precast delivers the ideal blend of easy installation, cost efficiency, functionality, durability, and requires little to no maintenance.

The soundproofing technology of our concrete reduces noise from the freeway, busy streets, or neighbors. The material used is less likely to decay due to inclement weather or destroyed by traffic collisions. It can be built up to 14 feet in height, perfect for protecting homes or businesses from noise pollution.

Utility Walls

Precast concrete is the best choice for utility walls and with products like Blockcrete™ you get all the aesthetics of traditional masonry walls without the cost, lengthy installation, and extended maintenance. Utility walls can be installed onsite to protect dangerous or expensive equipment, such as public utilities or construction machinery and tools, provide additional security, or as a sound barrier between residents.

American Precast Concrete Inc., provides a variety of precast products to suite your utility wall needs, including:

  • Chiselstone
  • Smoothstone
  • Woodcrete
  • Rusticbrick
  • Blockcrete

We offer a range of texture, pattern, and color options available for your utility wall. Our walls are carefully engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, fires, and pests and are reinforced with ASTM A615, galvanized steel meshing, and grade 60 rebar. Our standard utility wall installation includes walls ranging from 1 to 14 feet in height.

Security Walls or Fences

American Precast Concrete Inc. has the best security solution for your business or home. With the benefits of true concrete, precast concrete is the most robust option on the market. Our products, such as Chisel Stone™, Smooth Stone™, Blockcrete™, and Stack Stone provide a beautiful high-end look without the high-costs and lengthy installation of traditional concrete. Our products are reinforced by steel panels that keep collision repairs at a minimum.

American Precast Concrete Inc. keeps pesky neighbors from peeking over your fence with our 14-foot tall walls, protecting your business from thieves. With little maintenance required, it is a cost-effective option that will easily last decades down the road. Our concrete is built to stand through tough weather, earthquakes, fires, and is insect-proof.

Privacy Walls

Precast concrete is the perfect solution to create a sense of privacy around your home or business by blocking the view into your property from people passing by or nosy neighbors. By building a privacy wall you give your property added security, keeping what is kept behind the wall out of sight and reducing the risk of theft. Plus, a privacy wall allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces without the prying eyes of neighbors.

When you choose American Precast Concrete Inc. to build your privacy wall, you can be assured your wall will last for years to come with little to no maintenance. Our walls are built to withstand extreme weather, fires, earthquakes, and insect infestation. Choose from products like Rusticbrick™, Blockcrete™, Smoothstone™, Woodcrete™, or Chiselstone™ to create an aesthetically pleasing privacy wall. Commercial and residential developers value the high-end appearance of these products that not only make a neighborhood look beautiful, but also protect property values and reduce noise levels.

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