precast concrete being used as a residential wall

Precast concrete has many uses thanks to its remarkable properties – durable, eco-friendly, cost-effective, etc. From building bridges to high-rise buildings, precast concrete is becoming more and more common. Let’s go over some of the uses for precast concrete you will see at America Precast Concrete.

Walls and Fences 

One of the best and most obvious uses for precast concrete is for walls and fences. Homes and businesses both benefit from an attractive and sturdy wall or fence marking the property boundary.

At American Precast, we specialize in precast concrete walls and fences. From our wood-mimicking WOODCRETE™ style to our sleek and timeless SMOOTHSTONE™, we can match any look. 

Whatever your ideal style, we can help you find the perfect fence or wall. We can even mix color or aggregate into the concrete for long-lasting color and texture that won’t wear away.

Our walls and fences are manufactured in our climate-controlled environment. This allows us to create the perfect concrete wall or fence – every time. 

This also makes the process more sustainable. Building our walls and fences indoors makes for less waste. We can even reuse the forms used to make the concrete parts again and again.

Security Barriers 

Maybe you want your fence or wall to do more than just mark the property boundary and look good. If you are looking for a wall or fence that provides greater security, precast concrete fits the bill. 

Concrete is one of the most robust building materials we have for fencing. Wood, chain-link metal, and vinyl can all be easy to knock down or break through.

Our security walls can be built up to 14 feet tall and have no gaps. This makes them extremely hard to get through or over. They are built to look so imposing that even would-be intruders will be deterred. 

We can even embed razor wire at the top of your security barriers if you need maximum security. 

Sound Barriers

Whether you are looking to block your next-door neighbor or you want to make your yard more peaceful by blocking road noise, you want a sound barrier that will work 100%. 

The best option to block sound is a thick, solid barrier. Sound waves are a bit like water. If they can find a way through, they will. 

Precast concrete is the best option for blocking sound. Wood, metal, and vinyl are all not thick or solid enough. The options that are as thick and solid as precast concrete, like brick or stone, are much more expensive than precast concrete. 

Retaining Wall

If you have any soil that you need to hold back, you will need a retaining wall. Without one, you risk damage to your property. In the event of a landslide, the damage can be considerable. 

An effective retaining wall is solid and thick. After all, all that soil gets heavy. The building method to install precast concrete walls anchors the support posts deep into the ground – making them even stronger. 

American Precast Concrete Inc.

At American Precast Concrete Inc, we know that everyone needs something different for their home or business. Contact us today to see what solution we can provide you with. We look forward to working with you!