What is SMOOTHSTONE™ and Why Should You Be Using It?

precast concrete

There’s a lot to consider when you want to choose the right walls for the perimeter of your property. It’s not just about protection and privacy; it’s also about cost, strength, durability, ease of installation, and of course, appearance. Finding the material that will offer the best all-around value may seem like an impossible task, but it can be done with the help of the SMOOTHSTONE™ precast concrete system. 

With SMOOTHSTONE, you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics in favor of saving money, and you won’t lose any durability in the name of a seamless installation. This attractive precast concrete wall system offers the ageless appeal of beautiful stone walls and the rugged durability of concrete at an affordable price, all with far less labor required for installation. Read on to learn more about the ways that SMOOTHSTONE can transform your property. 

The Beauty of SMOOTHSTONE™

SMOOTHSTONE is the precast concrete answer to the simplicity, elegance, and timelessness of a stone wall. Both offer strength, protection, and privacy, but there are a number of great benefits to SMOOTHSTONE that traditional stone walls simply cannot offer. 

Easy Installation 

SMOOTHSTONE is installed using our tried and true turnkey process, which doesn’t require mortar and significantly cuts down on time and labor when compared to other wall systems. And because our precast concrete is created in a factory under carefully controlled conditions, there is no risk of inclement weather causing delays in the pouring of your concrete.   


Precast concrete provides wall systems that have the same aesthetic appeal and strength as traditional concrete or stone but at a far lower price point. You’ll save money both on materials and on labor costs. 


With the ability to choose from a variety of color options and heights ranging from 1’ to 14’, you’ll be able to customize your SMOOTHSTONE walls to accommodate your specific design vision. 

Greater Durability 

Traditional stone walls may be strong, but time and inclement weather will eventually wear away at them, causing chips, cracks, and eroded surfaces. SMOOTHSTONE combines the strength and durability of traditional concrete with the beautiful look and texture of stone, so you won’t have to worry about your wall system crumbling any time soon.

Lasting Looks

SMOOTHSTONE is not only reinforced with steel and engineered for strength — making it just as durable as traditional concrete or stone — but it’s also designed to endure the elements without suffering from a faded appearance. With precast concrete walls, your property can remain beautiful for a long, long time.

Reasons to Choose Precast Concrete 

When your home or commercial property is in need of protection, privacy, and an upgraded look, make precast concrete your material of choice. Precast concrete retains all of the same great qualities of traditional concrete while eliminating many of the drawbacks. With a simple and easy installation process, a manufacturing procedure that ensures strength and durability, and a wide variety of design options to choose from, precast concrete is the obvious choice for your next wall system.

Contact American Precast Concrete, Inc. today to learn more about how our SMOOTHSTONE™ wall system can protect and beautify your property. We even offer free consultations to all of our customers!