What is the Difference Between Precast Fences and Precast Walls?

precast fence next to beautiful plants

At American Precast, we have both precast fences and precast walls. That statement might have you wondering: what’s the difference? Isn’t a barrier just a barrier, regardless of the name? Well, not quite. There are some key differences.

The biggest difference is the width. Precast concrete walls are thicker than precast fences. This makes them perfect for larger jobs. The thicker wall can look like too much on smaller jobs. Office buildings, warehouses, parks, schools, and churches are all great places to use the precast concrete wall. The thinner concrete fence is great for smaller jobs like homes or around smaller apartment buildings.

When to Get a Precast Wall

Precast concrete walls are better at blocking noise than fences. This is due to how much thicker the walls are. Although, a precast concrete fence is still much better than a wood, chain link, or vinyl fence at blocking noise.

If you have a busy road nearby or loud and nosy neighbors, then a concrete wall will suit you best. Sound waves need to be completely blocked for maximum noise reduction. If there is anywhere for the sound waves to get over, under, or through a wall, they will.

Precast walls also are best if security is your main reason for getting a barrier. Not only are they solid and hard to climb over, but they have an imposing look – certainly more imposing than a chain-link fence. Wannabe intruders will think twice before trying to break in. Plus, all of our wall and fencing options can be cast with inserts to install razor wire to maximize security.

If you were looking at a brick or stone wall, you will find we have many precast concrete walls that mimic that same look. The great news is a precast concrete wall is a fraction of the cost of a brick or stone wall. 

When to Get a Precast Fence

Some of our options are clearly a fence – like our split rail style. This option mimics a split rail fence, which is simply split pieces of wood fit together. The split rail fence originated on ranches and was mainly for keeping large animals corralled. 

If you were considering getting a wood, chain link, or vinyl fence, then a precast concrete fence will suit your needs best. At American Precast, we have options to mimic all of those looks – but with the durability and strength of concrete.

Regardless of whether you need a fence or a wall, by opting for precast concrete, you will be guaranteed to have a long-lasting, durable barrier for your home or business. Concrete is one of the strongest building materials – wind, fire, bugs, and rain can’t touch it.

Both options can have pigment or aggregate added to add interest with color or texture. And both options will require little maintenance – precast fences and walls alike typically require no more than a wash and annual inspection. If there is any damage, it’s a simple process to replace the damaged section.

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