What Material Should You Choose for Your Ranch Fencing?

woodcrete rails against a ranch with precast material

The most common material for ranch fencing is vinyl or wood. But, despite being common, are wood and vinyl the best options? 

In today’s article, we will be discussing the type of material you should choose for your ranch fencing? Spoiler alert: the answer is precast concrete

Why You Shouldn’t Go with Wood or Vinyl

We know that these two materials are the most common options. Wood is just the classic, original option. For those who must have the original fencing, wood is your best bet despite its drawbacks.

What are some of the drawbacks to wood? It will require regular painting or staining – some might need to do this every year.

Wood is incredibly susceptible to damage. Everything from tree limbs falling to animals running into the fence will make that wood snap in half. Damage from pests or rot is also a harsh reality of a wood fence. Thanks to termites and rot susceptibility, you will need to replace many fence parts regularly.

Wood fencing also makes your whole property more at risk from wildfires. Wood is the best fuel for fires. Not only will you quickly lose your fence, but the fire will travel up the fence to buildings that are connected to it.

Vinyl is not susceptible to damage from rot or bugs. It is less likely to burn than wood but will eventually burn.

It isn’t much stronger than wood, and you will regularly find damaged sections that need replacing. Vinyl also can fade and warp in the hot sun.

Lastly, vinyl looks plastic and won’t replicate that rustic, old-timey wood look we all crave. It screams cheap to all who pass it.

Why Precast Concrete is the Best Option

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials. At American Precast Concrete, we reinforce our fencing to increase the strength even more. Also, because precast concrete is made indoors in a near-perfect climate, the concrete cures to the best strength possible.

Precast concrete is so strong and durable that your fence will last decades and need minimal maintenance. Most years, all you will need to do is an inspection and a quick wash.

Concrete will not burn. You can breathe easy about your fence not burning up during a wildfire, but you also know it won’t lead the fire to your buildings.

It won’t fade or warp in extreme weather. You don’t have to worry about bugs or rot. It is the perfect material for ranch fencing.

Precast concrete can perfectly mimic the look of wood – without the hassle of wood. To create unique, long-lasting colors and textures, we can even add pigment or aggregate to the concrete before pouring.

The cost isn’t much higher than a wood or vinyl fence due to the way precast concrete is made. It’s significantly cheaper than brick or stone fencing. We save money by reusing the molds and creating very little waste product. We pass these savings on to the customer. 

In the long run, the durability of concrete means the precast concrete fence will cost less than a wood or vinyl fence. With wood or vinyl, you will constantly repair and replace, while precast concrete stands strong.

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