What Products Do You Need to Install Precast Concrete?

american precast concrete installing some precast panels to a new build site

Installing precast concrete is something you could do yourself. Here are some of the products you will need and the basic steps to install precast concrete.

Products You Will Need

1. Planning

First, you will need equipment to ensure the fence is level and straight. This step requires surveying equipment like a level, measuring tapes, and chalk lines.

This is an important step. You need the right equipment to get a straight fence. You cannot eyeball it. If the support posts don’t have proper straight installation, it could be hard to fit panels into slots correctly.

2. Develop Your Base

Next, you will need to have equipment for preparing the ground for the fence, including equipment to level the space, like a small bulldozer or shovels. 

What you use will depend on the size of the job. You can get away with hand leveling a small job. If the job is large, it’s best to use machinery.

At this step, it’s ideal to still have the surveying equipment on-site, to check that things are still level and straight.

3. Fence Footings

Now, you will be installing the precast concrete fence footings. These footings are the support for your wall. You will be drilling holes, placing the supports in the holes, and then backfilling with concrete.

For this step, you will need the right equipment to drill holes. It is best to have an actual drill. While it’s possible to dig the holes by hand with a clam shovel, this will take a long time and be tough for a long fence.

You will want some measuring tapes too. You will need to measure the distance between the posts. The spacing for the fence footings must be exact. Otherwise, your fence won’t fit, and you will have to redo the process.

You will need a level to ensure the support is straight up and down. If the support is off at all, the panels won’t fit.

Lastly, you will need equipment to mix and pour the concrete. For the mixture, you will need a bucket or a wheelbarrow, along with a mixer attachment for a drill.

4. Install Wall Sections

In the last phase of this project, you will be installing the wall sections. You will need to line up the sections with the support and attach each section.

You will need something to help you lift the sections. A forklift would work great. You also might need a ladder, depending on the height of your fence. 

Lastly, you will need drills and bolts to attach each section permanently and other equipment required for grouting and finishing.

Additional Items Needed

You might need miscellaneous items on your job. Ensure you have crowbars, hammers, wooden wedges, shims, and plumblines. 

It’s important not to forget about safety. If your wall is large, you will need to invest in a safety harness. You should have safety equipment like hardhats and safety glasses for each job. 

If all of this sounds a little overwhelming, give us a call. We can help you with the process and make sure you have the tools and skills to do the job, or we can take over the installation. Sometimes it’s worth it to have professionals come out and do the job.