beautiful precast concrete outside of a home approved by an HOA

Everywhere you look, neighborhoods and the HOAs that run them are turning to precast concrete for their fencing needs. Why do HOAs favor precast concrete? Let’s go over some of the main reasons.

No. 1: No Extra or Unnecessary Work

HOA’s have a lot to deal with – from resolving conflicts between neighbors to making sure the neighborhood is kept looking good. The last thing an HOA needs is something that creates extra or unnecessary work for them. 

Precast concrete is easy to install with minimal damage to surrounding landscaping or structures. The panels are constructed off-site before being shipped to the project location. Instead of several days of workers and heavy machinery, precast concrete can typically be constructed in a fraction of the time with a few workers and a forklift or small crane. This leaves very minimal damage for the HOA to fix.

The benefits of precast concrete continue on past the initial construction. Because concrete is such a durable and strong material, not to mention the steel reinforcing added, precast concrete fences will stay in great shape. 

During the life of a precast concrete fence, you would have to replace wood, metal, or plastic fence several times. Some estimates say concrete can last 100+ years.

Wood fencing needs regular staining and treating. Plastic can warp or stain. In typical years, the most a precast concrete wall would need is an inspection and a quick wash. If damage has been done to the wall, usually it’s a simple matter of replacing a panel or two.

No.2: Saves Money

In all the same ways a precast concrete fence saves you extra or unnecessary work, it will also save you money.

Plus, because precast concrete is constructed off-site in a climate-controlled building, it is inherently cheaper to produce than cast-in-place concrete, brick, or stonework. Precast concrete forms can be reused again and again, saving a ton of cash over cast-in-place projects.

This means extra money for projects that will add interest to the neighborhood – like extra flowers or renovations to the neighborhood pool. 

No. 3: Adds Interest and Beauty

Fencing matters. It’s the first thing people see when they enter the neighborhood. It is an easy way to quickly make a great impression and attract quality homeowners.

Whether you think a wood, brick, or stone wall would best fit the feel of the neighborhood, precast concrete can perfectly mimic them all. Dye and/or aggregate can be added to the concrete during mixing to create long-lasting color and texture. Intricate patterns can be designed into the fence panels to making the fencing even more interesting.

Because of precast concrete’s longevity, the fencing will stay beautiful for a long time.

No. 4: Increases Privacy

The primary function of a wall around and in an HOA-controlled neighborhood is to increase privacy. Whether the neighborhood is located near a busy road or the homeowners want to feel like it’s their private haven, a precast concrete fence is the way to go. American Precast Fences can be built up to 14 feet high and are solid with no holes or cracks for peeping through.

American Precast Concrete

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