Why HOA’s Should Use Precast Concrete

HOA that used precast concrete

It’s our opinion that every HOA should use precast concrete. Not only are they easier to install and cheaper in the long run, but they have a lot of other advantages for HOAs. Here are the top four reasons HOAs should use precast concrete.

Increased Privacy and Noise Reduction

Some would say that good fences make for good neighbors. While it’s nice to be friendly, everyone deserves their quiet haven. Precast concrete walls don’t have areas where a nosy next-door neighbor could peek through. Residents can interact with their neighbors on their terms. Who doesn’t want that?

Additionally, whether looking to block a loud road or noisy neighbors, precast concrete walls are the top way to block noise. Sound waves are like water. If there is a gap or a hole where the wave can get through, it will. Precast concrete will block the most noise possible.

Heightened Security

While HOAs aren’t directly responsible for the security of the homes in their neighborhood, they should still try to increase security in the neighborhood. 

Some install security cameras, and others have an entry gate. One of the best ways to do this is by installing precast concrete walls.

Not only are precast concrete walls tall and hard to scale, but they can also be built to be completely solid. Studies have shown that people are more likely to steal something if they can see it. By blocking property and the items within from view, you are automatically decreasing the chance of theft. 

Clearly Defined Boundaries

One of the top disputes between neighbors is about property lines. Sometimes owners will construct fences that don’t actually match the property line. Later on, the other neighbor could realize this and get upset. 

The HOA would play a part in settling the dispute. If the fence was built wrong, the HOA would have the uncomfortable task of telling the neighbor that they have to rebuild their fence.

By adding precast concrete fencing, the HOA is in control of the property boundaries. This removes the dispute completely. Because precast concrete is so durable and long-lasting, this property boundary will stand strong for a long time.

Attractive and Long-Lasting

All HOAs have rules for the residents to follow – types of vegetation that are allowed, colors that you can paint your house, etc. The purpose of this is to keep the neighborhood up to a certain standard and look.

Precast concrete is one of the best ways to add beauty that is long-lasting. Precast concrete is incredibly durable, which means it will last for 50 years or more.

We can add pigment or aggregate to the concrete before pouring it to add interest to the wall. With many different styles – from sleek modern to classic brick – American Precast will have options to match any neighborhood.

Attractive to Potential Residents

Privacy, top-notch security, clearly defined boundaries, and beauty –not only will all of the previous four benefits make current residents happier, but HOAs will also be able to attract more and better people to their neighborhoods. 

Get the Perfect Concrete Wall for Your HOA

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