Why Precast Concrete is Ideal for Gated Communities

One main consideration for gated communities is the gate and wall that surround your community. You want something safe, yet attractive, that will last a long time and require little maintenance. For those reasons, many gated communities go with concrete walls. Here’s why precast concrete fence are the ideal option.

Precast Fences are Secure

The number one function walls serve in a gated community is security. Many people choose gated communities for this reason – they want to keep their family and belongings safe.

Precast concrete walls are extra strong and durable. They can be cast with mesh and rebar embedded inside to keep them standing for years. Our precast walls can be built up to 14 feet high, and are constructed with no gaps or places for an intruder to get in – human or animal.

They also create a near-perfect sound barrier to help with excessive road noise and other disturbances.

Precast Fences are Attractive

Precast concrete walls can be cast with many decorative elements and realistic-looking textures. Pigment can be
added to the concrete prior to pouring the walls to create an attractive and long-lasting color that’s uniform throughout the neighborhood community.

Aggregate can also be added to the concrete to create an interesting texture so that walls don’t look like plain concrete. Depending on what look you are going for, different exteriors can be selected to give the wall the look of a brick or stone wall – at a fraction of the price. Custom forms can be created if there is a specific emblem you want to display on your walls.

Precast Fences are Cost-Efficient

Precast concrete walls tick off many of the same boxes that brick, stone, or even a cast-in-place concrete wall would. They will all be durable and attractive walls, but where precast concrete differs greatly, is in the cost, both to build and maintain the wall.

Because precast concrete is made in a factory under quality-control procedures. The entire process can be carefully managed and optimized. With cast-in-place concrete walls, the form is created and then thrown away after the concrete is cured. Precast concrete uses the same forms repeatedly, ultimately lowering the cost of production, which is ideal for large scale projects.

Precast concrete is also extremely easy to maintain. Often just an annual walk along the wall and a simple wash are enough to keep it looking brand new. If the wall suffers damage, it is easy to fix a section without impacting the rest of the wall. With brick or masonry, it is much more challenging, expensive and labor-intensive to replace a section of the wall.

Get Precast Fencing for Your Community

The walls surrounding a gated community are intended to make a neighborhood look attractive and uniform, while increasing security. If you’re a contractor, HOA, or engineer hunting for a secure and customizable fencing solution for a neighborhood, look no further than American Precast Inc. Contact us today to discuss your project in detail.

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