Why Precast Fences are Ideal for Neighborhoods and HOAs

Aerial view of houses

Most HOAs provide the maintenance and upkeep of landscaping and structures in common areas. This will often include fences or walls around the entire neighborhood. These fences protect the buildings and people inside and give much-needed privacy. 

Often, these walls are large and built from solid material like concrete or brick. Choosing precast fences in your neighborhood will save the HOA money and provide many other benefits.

Lower Costs and Save Money

Lower cost is one of the biggest benefits and reasons to choose precast concrete for privacy walls around the neighborhood. Precast fences shine when it comes to regular upkeep and maintenance. While other fences, like wood ones, need constant staining, treatment, and repairs, concrete needs none of that. All it typically needs is a good wash.

Stone or brick walls won’t need as much maintenance as a wood fence, but installation will cost you. You need someone skilled at building stone or brick walls, and they will have to spend the time to build the wall brick by brick. With a precast concrete fence, panels are assembled quickly and easily, making the installation costs much lower than brick or stone. Also, no highly skilled workers are needed –bringing down the installation cost more.

Over time, between the low installation costs and the low maintenance costs, precast concrete will end up saving loads of money – money that can instead be spent on fun things for the neighborhood.

Strength and Durability

Concrete is one of the most durable and strong – yet also affordable – materials we have. It’s used in buildings, highway bridges, and prisons for a reason. Additional structural elements can even be added to the concrete during casting to make it even stronger. 

Concrete won’t break down easily – contributing to the affordability – and residents will feel safe and secure from anything. Heavy winds, intruders, snow and ice, and even car accidents will be no match for a precast concrete fence. Precast concrete can even stand up against earthquakes

Looks Good

Stone and brick walls typically bring to mind old and expensive neighborhoods, while concrete walls can make you think of highways and prisons. The secret is it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Precast concrete fence panels can be molded with many different decorative elements – they can even be made to look like classy and expensive stone or brick walls at a fraction of the price. If you aren’t interested in a plain grey wall, die or aggregate can be added to the concrete prior to pouring for an extremely durable, colorful fence.

Easy to Install

Like we mentioned before, precast fence panels are extremely easy to install. They require very little specialty equipment or technical knowhow. Since they come in large fence panels, they are much easier to transport than individual bricks, stones, or planks – transportation costs are lower too. The way they are installed disturbs the surrounding area very little. This makes them fantastic for installing in areas where the lawns or landscaping is complete – no damaged lawns to replace afterward!

Precast concrete walls and fences are great for you and the HOA, bringing plenty of benefits you will both enjoy. Contact American Precast Concrete, Inc. today for a free product quote.