Why You and Your Neighbors Should Invest in Precast Concrete for a Shared Wall

two neighbors sharing a drab wooden fence, thinking of switching to precast concrete

Good fencing will go a long way in creating a good neighborly relationship. You want something that will serve you both and tick all the right boxes. Installing a precast concrete shared wall is the way to go. Here’s why.

No. 1: It will make your property feel more private.

Even if you like your neighbor, we all like privacy. American Precast concrete walls come in any height – from 1 ft to 14 ft for those neighbors you really want to avoid. Each wall is solid concrete with no gaps or cracks to look through. 

Such a dense, thick wall is also the best way to block sound. You each have the benefit of having a quiet space and knowing your conversations won’t be drifting into the neighbor’s yard.

No. 2: It’s easy on your back and wallet.

Precast concrete has many benefits – how easy it is to install and maintain is at the top of the list. Because precast concrete is made in a climate-controlled environment, there is little waste due to weather conditions. 

Once the fence panels are made, they are shipped to your house and installed in a day. Installation is easy and doesn’t require special skills like a brick or stone fence. This makes it significantly cheaper to install than a fence that has to be carefully built brick by brick.

All of the panels being made in-house means they can reuse the forms used over and over again. Typically, the forms are used once for cast-in-place concrete. All of this equals cost savings that are passed on to you. 

Precast concrete is cheaper than a brick or stone wall to install, but it is true that a wood or metal fence is cheaper – up-front. Where you will start to see savings, there is in the long run. Concrete lasts much longer than metal or wood. 

Throughout the lifetime of one precast concrete wall, you will have to replace a chain link or wood fence multiple times. All a precast concrete wall requires is an annual inspection and wash. If there is damage to the wall, it’s quick and easy to change out the wall panel for a new one.

No. 3: You and your neighbor will feel safe.

The fencing around your property has the primary job of keeping you and your family safe from intruders. What would be easiest to get around – a flimsy chain-link fence that can be climbed or a solid block of concrete with no easy handholds?

No. 4: No drab prison walls.

American Precast concrete walls come in a variety of designs – from imitation brick to chisel stone. No matter the look you are going for, you will find a precast concrete wall to match. Pigment or aggregate can be added to the concrete to create a long-lasting color to texture to make the wall your own.

Plus, because precast concrete is so durable, it will look good for years to come.

American Precast Concrete

If you are interested in learning more about precast concrete, contact American Precast Concrete Inc! We are here to help you navigate the world of concrete and can’t wait to hear from you!