Corner Lot commercial property looking for a precast fence

Questions can arise when installing a new residential fence on a corner lot. Do you need to do anything special on a corner lot? What material is best for a corner lot fence? Here’s why you need a precast fence on a corner lot.

Corner Lots Use More Material and Are More Expensive

You will probably have more fencing to install when you live on a corner lot, which equals more material and more expense. 

You sometimes will share the fencing cost with your neighbor on regular lots since you will share the fence. 

You will be taking care of most of the price on a corner lot since you won’t be sharing the fence with anyone.

Precast concrete is ideal for a corner lot fence because the installation is cheaper. Brick or stone fences are slowly built piece by piece by skilled masons. The manufacturing process of precast concrete happens before being shipped and installed on-site. No special skills or tools are needed.

You can use the forms used to make precast concrete fence forms repeatedly. Your customer will even benefit from the cost savings.

Precast Concrete Is More Secure

When installing a wood fence on a corner lot, you have to decide which side to put the bracing – the horizontal parts of the fencing.

The problem with facing the bracing out to the road is it’s less secure. The bracing on wood fencing is very easy to climb. But it’s uglier, so you might not want to face the bracing into your home.

Precast concrete removes this problem. Precast concrete fencing doesn’t require bracing because it’s strong enough on its own, which means you get a beautiful fence on both sides, and you don’t have any spots that are easy to climb.

Precast Concrete Is More Durable

Sometimes the fences on corner lots can take a beating. Since corner lots are less private, they are more likely to deal with car accidents and graffiti. 

Precast concrete is one of the most durable building materials we have, making it easy to maintain, too. In most cases, all you need to do is a quick, annual wash and an inspection. 

If the precast concrete fence does get damaged, it’s typically simple and easy to replace the damaged panels without touching the rest of the fence.

Impress Your Neighborhood with Beauty

When you live on a corner lot, neighbors tend to notice your house more easily, which means everyone will be checking out your fence.

You might want something fun that shows off who you are or something that matches your home’s design. At American Precast, we have different designs to suit many styles. From styles that mimic brick to smooth, modern walls, you can find a style that matches your needs.

We can even add pigment or aggregate to the concrete before pouring for beautiful, long-lasting color or texture.

And the best part is, thanks to precast concrete’s durability, your precast concrete fence will look great for many years.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are eager to ensure your project runs smoothly.