Why You Should Choose Precast Concrete for Your Next Home Remodel

residential precast concrete fence in california

When remodeling your home, there are a lot of decisions to make. Decision fatigue occurs easily. We want to make things easy. Here are five reasons you should choose precast concrete for your next home remodel:

#1. Easy to Install

We make the Precast concrete in our warehouse, which means most of the dirty work is done in our space and not your home. 

When it is time to install, precast concrete goes in easy and quickly. What does this mean for you as the homeowner? Less mess to clean up and fewer chances for workers getting hurt.

#2. Earth Friendly

Because we make our precast concrete indoors, we can create a near-perfect environment for curing, which means less wasted product due to a poor cure. The little waste is easy to recycle into aggregate.

We can also reuse the forms and other materials over and over again. The cast-in-place concrete jobs would be thrown away after just one use. Less waste is easier on the environment.

Concrete is so durable that it will last a long time. The longer a building material lasts, the more building material you can save.

#3. High Strength and Low Maintenance

Again, concrete is one of the strongest materials in the construction world. Precast concrete is even more durable thanks to the near-perfect curing environment.

Precast concrete stands strong against whatever life has to throw at it. You will end up with the beauty that lasts and lasts.

This strength also means less maintenance and work for you. Typically, all precast concrete needs is a quick inspection and wash each year.

#4. Easier on the Budget

When we reuse the forms and materials in our warehouse, we save money. We also save money by not having as much wasted material. We pass these savings onto the homeowner.

Precast concrete installation is cheaper than brick or stone, which needs to be slowly installed by a highly skilled laborer. With the cost of wood going up, wood is no longer the cheap option it once was. 

Plus, while wood might still be cheaper upfront than precast concrete, you will need to replace and repair the wood much sooner. This issue drives up the long-term cost of wood while precast concrete stays low.

#5. Beautiful and Modern

The whole point of a remodel is to create your perfect vision. Precast concrete is flexible enough to get you the style you want. 

At American Precast Concrete, we can add pigment and aggregate to the concrete before pouring it into the molds, creating beautiful, long-lasting color and texture.

Whether you want cool and modern, funky and fresh, or timeless and classic, precast concrete can help you get the look you’re trying to achieve.

Other building materials start bountiful but quickly fade, warp, or crack. Precast concrete will stay beautiful and fresh for decades to come.

If you have any questions about choosing precast for your next home remodel, we’d love to help. If you want a free estimate, we’re eager to help you.