Why You Should Invest in a Precast Fence for Your Open Property

a home on an open property that needs a precast fence

When you have an open property, your needs are different. What do we mean by an open property? We mean land either with nothing built on it or large property on an open field or near a forested area. Here’s are some reasons precast concrete is an excellent investment for your open property.

Protect Your Trees and Garden

Concrete is strong, stable, and thick. It is the best option for keeping out unwanted visitors – human and animal. 

Now, it’s unlikely you will be running into too many human intruders. If your property butts up to a forest, you could be looking to keep out large animals, like deer, and small ones, like rabbits. Precast concrete helps keep them all out.

There are no gaps or cracks for animals to sneak through. We can build our fences up to 14 ft high, so we can even help keep out larger animals.

Keep Your Family and Animals Safe

Rural properties can be dangerous. Forests aren’t good places for small kids to wander. They can easily get lost or trip and hurt themselves. Any water source can be an extra hazard.

A precast concrete fence is the best way to keep kids and animals contained. There are no spots for them to sneak through. Unlike a wood or chain link fence, precast concrete is hard to climb over.

Keep Track of Your Property Line

When you have a large, rural property, it can be hard to know where your property line is.

Why is this important to know? Knowing exactly where your property ends and your neighbors’ begins could help avoid costly lawsuits. It also helps with planning work on your property. If you are planning to add something, you quickly and easily know where you can and can’t build.

Even though your property is rural and possibly uninhabited, it’s still necessary to do maintenance. If you live in an area prone to wildfires, it’s your duty to keep things clear of brush and dead trees. A fence will keep you from accidentally doing maintenance work on neighboring property. 

Less Maintenance

When you have a large property, the last thing you want to do is waste your time doing constant repairs, especially if you don’t live there and need to travel to visit the property. 

Wood, vinyl, and metal fencing can be damaged by wind, bugs, animals, rain, and fire. This can make maintenance and working on these types of fences a full-time job.

The work can be costly and time-consuming. Wood fences need to be dug up and replaced all the time, thanks to rot. The wood panels break from termite damage or large animals leaning against them. Metal fences are constantly being knocked down, thanks to how flimsy they are. 

Precast concrete can resist all of those problems and more. It is considered one of the most durable building materials available.

For most years, all it will require is a quick inspection and a wash. Although precast concrete is weatherproof, waterproof, and fireproof, any damage done is quick and easy to replace. Simply pop out the broken precast concrete panels and replace them with new ones.

American Precast Concrete

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