Why You Should Use Precast Concrete for Your Next Construction Project

construction workers installing precast concrete for a commercial project

Precast concrete fencing may be a big part of the precast concrete industry, but it certainly isn’t the only part. Precast concrete has all sorts of uses. Here are 10 reasons why you should use precast concrete for your next construction project.

1. Designed to Handle Heavy Loads

Precast concrete performs better than traditional concrete. Why? It’s because of how it’s designed.

Precast concrete can bear higher loads than traditional concrete thanks to its higher span-to-depth ratio. In fact, you don’t need a lot of the extra columns and supports you would normally need. Removing that extra support opens up that valuable space for the building owners to use.

Precast concrete is often lighter too. So, you can get away with a shallower foundation and less structural material.

According to the NCPA, using precast concrete means you can reduce the depth of your floors by up to 4 inches. On a 60-story building, this means a height reduction of 20 feet!

2. Easy to Install

Compared to traditional cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete is a breeze to install. Most of the work is done in our climate-controlled warehouse. There, we build the molds and pour the concrete. 

After the concrete has cured and been checked and approved, it is sent to your job site for installation. The actual installation process varies depending on the part. It’s much easier than creating the molds onsite and getting a long line of massive concrete trucks out to the project site.

3. Durable and Weatherproof

With a waterproof coating, precast concrete is virtually impenetrable by water. This means damage from floods and rain seeping through just won’t happen.

The building owners won’t have to worry about water damage – at all. 

4. Fireproof

In addition to not having to worry about water damage, the owners of the building also won’t have to worry about fire.

Precast concrete simply doesn’t burn. This makes fires less likely to start and makes it very hard for the fires to travel around the building.

5. Keeps the Heat In Or Out

Not only is the whole process of making and installing precast concrete more eco-friendly, but the end result, the building, is too.

Concrete has the special ability to keep heat in during the cold months and out during the warm ones. This means a significant reduction in energy usage – with cost savings too!

6. Reduces Noise

A thick, dense wall is the best way to keep sound waves from traveling. 

With precast concrete, you can easily block out the road noise or the noise coming from the neighboring rooms. This will help make sure the building is more private and quieter. 

7. Won’t Impact Wi-Fi Signal

Concrete construction can sometimes block wi-fi signals. This can equal a huge headache for the building owner.

Precast concrete allows more radio signals, Wi-Fi, and other signals to pass through than traditional concrete. 

8. Pest-proof

The last thing you need are rats, mice, or termites in your newly finished building. 

Precast concrete isn’t an organic material. Unlike wood, pests can’t chew through precast concrete. Termites actually use wood as a food source. Pests will have no interest in living in your building if you build with precast concrete.

9. Increases Job Site Safety

Installing traditional cast-in-place concrete can be a dangerous job. The most common workplace injuries are slips, trips, and falls. All the rebar and concrete forms provide plenty of opportunities for injuries. 

Since precast concrete is largely made off-site, this virtually eliminates the danger for your workers.

10. Highly Customizable

Precast concrete can be built to fit the vast majority of design requirements. Maybe you have some odd angles or an unusual design. Maybe the owner wants a special design built into the walls.

Precast concrete will fit the job in most cases, and it will do so easily. Wood and brick are much less flexible.

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