Precast Concrete Slat Rail Fence

Get the look of a wood slat rail fence with American Precast’s Woodcrete™ fencing. Our one-of-a-kind product, specially formulated by American Precast Inc., provides the latest in precast concrete for home and commercial fencing solutions.

Woodcrete™ slat rail fencing mimics the appearance of wood, with the durability of precast concrete. Add instant curb appeal with decorative fencing or use slat rail for the perimeter of your property. 

Similar to our split-rail fence, our slat rails are split 3” apart as opposed to 9” – offering more privacy and giving it the slat fence look that is so popular. 

Slat Rail Exterior Features

Choose non-fading finishes and colors for your natural-looking Woodcrete fence. Don’t worry about fading, color-change or oxidation, as Woodcrete fencing keeps its appearance for decades. 

Visually Stunning, Long-Lasting Color

  • Authentic wood-grain texture, surrounding all sides of posts and rails
  • Endless color options complement any aesthetic

Customize Configurations and Options

  • Custom height and rail distributions 
  • Slat rails split 3’’ apart for added design and privacy

Fencing Built for Life

Specially Engineered to Resist the Elements

Our Woodcrete™ products look just like wood – until Mother Nature strikes, and the differences become obvious. Unlike wood which is prone to weather and degradation, our high-density Woodcrete holds up to time and the elements.

Wooden slat rail fences eventually need maintenance or replacement from rotting, termite damage, fading or splintering.

Precast Woodcrete™, however, is virtually maintenance-free and a durable, long-lasting alternative to traditional wood. 

  • No painting or staining required
  • Stands up to environmental changes
  • Earthquake and fire-resistant
  • No cracking, splintering or rotting 
  • Termite-resistant

Our precast fences provide long-lasting durability, ultimately saving you money and the hassle of needing to replace a wooden fence.

Our Precast Concrete: Product Standards

Recommended by engineers and contractors all over Southern California, our prefab concrete fence panels are made to precise, high-quality manufacturing standards that guarantee strength and longevity. 

More about our high-density concrete:

  • Woodcrete™ minimum strength of 4500 psi
  • Each post reinforced with two #3 steel rebar ties and mesh
  • All rails reinforced with two #3 steel rebar ties and fiber mesh

Simple Precast Slat Rail Fence Installation

We make it quick, simple and affordable to install a slat rail fence. Streamlined configurations and panels, handle large and small jobs quickly and efficiently. Prefab panels are engineered in a facility, rather than on-site, so no mortar is required, leaving no mess behind. Plus, our focus on quality-control and engineering ensures a smooth fabrication and installation process

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