Nothing beats the timeless look and feel of wood—except for Woodcrete™. Our Woodcrete Series pairs the warm appearance of genuine wood with the added benefits of precast concrete. If you value durability, longevity, cost-savings and timeless visual appeal, it’s time to explore Woodcrete for your fence and wall needs.

Over time, traditional wood walls and fences suffer at the hands of Mother Nature, which can quickly result in hefty repair costs. Splintering, rotting, termite damage, burning and cracking are just a few of the downsides of using traditional wood. But where wood falls short, Woodcrete excels. Our engineers crafted our Woodcrete concrete wall system using the latest manufacturing technology to ensure strength, visual appeal and versatility. You can see and feel the quality down to the smallest wood grain. But don’t take our word for it; come feel the difference for yourself.

Searching for precast concrete ranch rails or slat fences?

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Benefits of Woodcrete™Precast Concrete Fence and Wall Systems

Whether you’re an architect designing a commercial space or a public works team seeking a cost-effective wall or fencing solution, it’s time to take a closer look at precast concrete. Our Woodcrete Series marries the best attributes of wood with the tremendous benefits of precast concrete. The result? A material you can count on, no matter what life throws its way.

Cost-Effective Construction: Our Woodcrete is less expensive than traditional wood. In the rare case that it needs to be replaced, our quick-install system cuts down on labor and time.

Seamless Installation: Our modular interlocking system and range of panel heights (1′ to 14′) make it easy to achieve the ideal wall for your property’s needs. No bracing or shoring is required during positioning.

Security Never Looked Better: Premium design, unwavering durability, and steel-reinforced panels make Woodcrete a popular choice for public works security walls.

Sound-Blocking Technology: Our Woodcrete Series is engineered with sound-buffering technology that reduces noise pollution.

Aesthetic Appeal: Designed to deliver an authentic wood look and feel. Choose from a variety of color options to match your aesthetic.

Engineered for Strength: Our interlocking modular design is reinforced by steel and virtually maintenance-free.

Built for Resistance to Weather: Woodcrete is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Thanks to our manufacturing process, the color, look and feel of your Woodcrete wall won’t diminish with time.

Key Features

  • Authentic wood look and texture on both sides of each panel
  • 1′ to 14′ high, allowing you to configure it to your needs
  • 5′ post to post
  • A proven manufacturing process to ensure strength and longevity
  • Variety of color options to match any aesthetic

Ready to explore our Woodcrete precast concrete wall system? Let’s discuss your project’s needs.