Advantages of Precast Concrete for Commercial Construction

precast concrete

When planning your commercial construction project, what type of building materials to use will be a big question to ponder. Using the right materials will change the way your project looks, functions, and costs. For commercial projects, one of the best building materials to use is concrete. An even better one is precast concrete – here’s why.

Lower Cost

Concrete is already one of the lowest cost building materials in the world, thanks in large part how plentiful and readily available cement is. Precast concrete has several aspects that make it even cheaper than regular concrete.

Precast concrete is made in a climate-controlled facility by skilled workers. Unlike cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete is allowed to cure at the optimal climate, maximizing the concrete’s strength capabilities. This means there is truly little waste from concrete that doesn’t meet the strength requirements. Any precast concrete parts that beat the odds and have a defect won’t be shipped to your project site.

The molds for a cast-in-place concrete job are typically thrown away after just one use. It doesn’t make sense for the construction company to lug the molds around from job to job. Precast concrete can reuse molds over and over again. This is a considerable reduction in cost that is passed on to you.

High Strength and Durability

Concrete has been used in areas like highway overpasses and sidewalks for a reason. Concrete happens to be one of the strongest – and most durable – building materials we have. Because precast concrete is made in a temperature-controlled, ideal environment, the concrete’s curing will also be ideal. Concrete can be cast with reinforcing bars embedded in the concrete to increase the strength.

Concrete also isn’t susceptible to damage from wind, rain, or pests. Concrete doesn’t burn. The companies using your commercial space won’t ever have to worry about all of their property burning up in a fire.

Easy to Maintain

Simply put, maintenance is a breeze. Often, nothing more than a regular inspection and a wash is needed.

The financial benefit of precast concrete is most visible when you look at the long-term costs. Precast concrete walls are incredibly durable, which will mean less maintenance and repairs over the wall’s life.


Precast concrete isn’t limited to dull, plain grey. Pigment or aggregates can be added to the concrete before pouring it into the forms. Decorative elements can also be added to the forms to make a unique wall. These can range from a brick or stone motif to more complicated designs.

Because precast concrete is so durable, you know that your structure will be looking good for a long time.

Reduced Noise

Commercial property isn’t always in great locations and can have noisy neighbors or large roads. Not much is worse than noise that either disrupts your employees as they work or makes it unpleasant for customers to shop. One of the best things to block noises is a solid wall, like a concrete wall.

If you have a business or would like to look further into having a precast wall for your property, contact American Precast Concrete Inc. today for a free estimate on your custom project, or visit us online for more information.

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