Architects choose us for municipal, residential, commercial, utility, industrial, and governmental applications.

We deliver our clients the perfect blend of form and function.

Each project that American Precast Concrete undertakes can be customized. From an architectural plan take off to product production—no detail is overlooked.

We custom design our products to your blueprint and exact specifications, providing architectural and engineering expertise to help meet your needs. From realistic textures that mimic natural products to precise coloration that enhances the overall aesthetic quality of the property, our design team works closely with you from beginning to end to create the perfect concrete fence or wall.

Why Architects Choose APC:

  • Customizable products to meet specific requirements
  • Meets the requirements of local building ordinances
  • Consistent and exact building specifications
  • Impervious to infestation
  • Innovative solutions to challenging building sites
  • Withstands extreme temperatures and wind conditions
  • Manufactured in-house for quality control
  • Designed to absorb seismic ground movement
  • Installation on nearly any surface or soil condition

Underused in today’s market, precast concrete is a durable, versatile, and an economical solution. Precast concrete can add significant value to the architectural structure and the aesthetics of a project. Typically, the versatility and durability of a product require it to be more expensive, but that is not the case for precast concrete. Precast concrete is made with reusable molds in an off-site factory, which leads to the cost decreasing and the quality increasing. The concrete is cured in temperature-controlled areas, rather than outside in the unpredictable weather, leading to low maintenance and the highest quality products. Last but certainly not least, precast concrete is beyond easy to install. The sections are already pieced together from the mold in the factory. They only need a footing, supports, and then secure them into place, and your architectural precast concrete project is complete!

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    Our customers tell us again and again that our WOODCRETE system is just like wood — that is, until Mother Nature strikes. Then, they tell us it’s even better.

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    Our engineers crafted our WOODCRETE concrete wall system using the latest manufacturing technology to ensure strength, visual appeal and versatility..

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    Our CHISELSTONE replicates the look and feel of chiseled slate masonry, coupling the appeal of natural rock with the hardiness of concrete.

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    Our BLOCKCRETE replicates the look and feel of masonry block wall, while coupling the appeal of large block with the hardiness of concrete.

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    SMOOTHSTONE panels provide durable longevity and practicality that complements architectural and landscaping details and creates attractive security walls.

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    Our RUSTICBRICK precast masonry system is simple to install, eliminating the need for shoring, bracing or mortar.

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    Our Security Fence series is made from a high-density concrete, and is the most solid, impenetrable product we offer.

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Traditional walls and fencing systems are prone to deterioration and damage.

While there are other materials available for your fencing needs, precast concrete products are your best bet in terms of resilience, longevity and appearance. They are weather-proof, rodent-proof, bug-proof and require little to no maintenance. Wood, vinyl and fiberglass are subject to damage and disintegration resultant of the sun or bad weather, but precast concrete materials are nearly impossible to ruin. Using precast concrete is a wise investment because you are guaranteed a product that not only lasts many years, but also looks amazing.

With our easy turnkey installation system, your architectural precast concrete wall will be finished and ready to place on-site.

We handle everything, from design to creation, to final placement. Contact us to receive your free estimate!


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