Precast Concrete Installation

Why Choose Us?

American Precast Concrete fencing is used on  hundreds of different projects throughout the state of California by both commercial and residential developers, homeowners, city and state government agencies, and parks and recreational facilities. Due to the many benefits of using precast concrete, along with its aesthetic appeal, our concrete fence panels are becoming more popular to use instead of CMU or concrete blocks. Not only do our precast fence panels look better, but they are inexpensive in comparison, making them the perfect, budget-friendly option. Your precast concrete fence won’t break-the-bank to build, maintain, or repair. Working alongside licensed professionals, we manage your project throughout the entire process, from design to installation, so you get exactly what you want at the highest quality.


Before we begin any construction, we closely monitor your project throughout the design process, keeping a watchful eye on budgets to keep your costs low. Moreover, this ensures your fence is completed on schedule and with your vision in mind.


Throughout the entire development and installation of your precast concrete fence, we work with licensed installers, so your precast fence is done right and completed on time. From start to finish, we stay focused on quality control. Your precast fencing panels are created in our Southern California facility before being molded to your exact specifications. Once created, your panels are shipped to a location where they are quickly and easily installed on-site.


After construction is completed, we clean up the site and complete systems training, final inspections, and move-in coordination before giving you a final walkthrough to ensure everything exceeds your expectations. We take pride in our precast concrete fences, and no project is finished until you are completely satisfied.Simple Precast Fence Installation