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How 3D printing is shaping the future of precast concrete

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The market for 3D printing is growing fast, and by 2020, it’s expected to bring in more than $21 billion globally. That’s an impressive leap, considering the industry was generating $4.1 billion in 2014 (that makes for a 31% growth rate).

And now, as 3D printing technology matures and new applications are discovered, what started as an emerging trend is reshaping industries—including the precast concrete industry.

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Not All Concrete Is Created Equal: 6 Types Of Concrete You Should Know About

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Concrete is one of the most used materials today for construction projects. Its versatility and easy availability make it the first choice for a number of construction projects. Not only can it help insulate a building, but it provides better soundproofing than many other materials. This improves the comfort level of any building.

But comfort aside, it also has an environmental impact. Concrete is durable, creating less need for future rebuilds. And it reduces waste too because Industrial waste can be recycled and added to concrete mixtures to create a cleaner world.

Strains of concrete differ depending on the aggregate mix, where it’s being utilized and its reaction to water molecules. Here’s a short-list of some concrete types used today and what they’re used for. Read More

Why Precast Concrete Beats the Elements, Every Time

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Infrastructures around the globe depend on concrete for their existence. But traditionally, concrete hasn’t been considered eco-friendly. Until the advent of precast concrete, that is. The manufacturing process reduces the high-carbon emissions that have driven innovators to find newer, more sustainable building materials. Best of all, it’s built to last, reducing the need for upkeep, repairs and rebuilding—and keeping carbon footprints small.

Precast concrete is changing the face of construction by providing a more sustainable and cost-effective building material that can withstand nearly anything nature throws its way. The greener building material provides high-quality luxury without the high price tag, making it a wise, long-term investment.
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6 Creative Precast Concrete Ideas to Explore for Your Next Project

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Most of the world is built from concrete. But in today’s world, architects, engineers and public works professionals need a solution that offers more affordability and versatility than traditional concrete. Precast concrete—which iscast into a mold and dried in a controlled environment before installation—is quickly becoming a popular alternative to the concrete of the past.

Precast concrete wall systems are versatile enough for use across a variety of projects and purposes. Given concrete’s durability, affordabilityand ability to withstand inclement weather, it’s no surprise that building professionals are realizing that a precast concrete wall is a smart investment. Read More