Sound Walls
American Precast Concrete walls and fences are engineered with sound buffering technology to reduce noise pollution with the replicated beauty of natural stone, brick, or wood. City planners know the importance of combining structural durability, noise reduction, and visual appeal—the result provides a quality of life that attracts residents, keeps local economies thriving, and ensures the longevity of a growing, prospering community. This is why municipalities, utility companies, residential and commercial developers, and transportation engineers are choosing precast concrete over traditional building materials.Not only does precast concrete deliver the perfect blend of form meeting function, it is easily installed, costs less than other fencing materials, and requires virtually no maintenance. The durability of concrete makes it an ideal solution for reducing freeway and street noise with minimal risk of deterioration due to weather or damage from traffic collisions. If any damage does occur, the unique design of precast concrete walls allow for the damaged section to be repaired quickly without compromising the structural integrity of the rest of the wall.

All of our designs are highly effective sound barriers that are available in a variety of color and customized options to create a product that enhances the aesthetics of the surrounding community. Because we use a unique color infusion process, our precast concrete walls never need repainting or staining, which makes them a perfect solution for high traffic areas where the routine maintenance required with other building materials is dangerous, difficult, and expensive. Precast concrete is a maintenance-free product that will look and perform as good as it does the day it is installed for decades.


  • Reduces Noise Pollution
  • Visual Appeal
  • Solution for high traffic areas
  • Customized options
  • Affordable