Do You Need Liability Insurance Before a Precast Fence is Installed?

precast concrete in a residential backyard

You just decided to upgrade your house by installing a precast concrete fence and you want to make sure you do everything the right way. One question we see a lot is “Do I need liability insurance”? The short answer is no, as the customer you don’t need liability insurance. As the installer, we do. Here’s more information, and a few more things people get wrong when installing a precast concrete fence.

Liability Insurance Requirements

What does liability insurance do? It protects us against any claims of damage or injury from third parties. If we bring on someone to work on the installation, liability insurance protects us from any claims from them. We work hard to make sure everyone and everything is kept safe, but mistakes do happen.

So, as the contractor on the job, we are the ones who should be carrying liability insurance. In fact, we highly recommend only working with contractors who are insured. Insurance protects us, but it also makes sure there is money available to pay for any accidents or injuries.

Other Mistakes People Make When Installing a Precast Concrete Fence

Here are a few other common mistakes we see.

1. Not Talking to Your Neighbors 

When you have neighbors, any fence you install also sort of becomes their fence. Ugly situations come about all the time when people don’t discuss things with their neighbors.

Now, it is your property and you do have a legal right to build the fence where and how you see fit. So, make sure you are clear in the conversation that you aren’t looking for opinions on building the fence or not.

What you can do is give your neighbor a heads-up. If you want to, you can also get your neighbors’ opinions on decisions that you want their input on. Are you picking between two styles and like both? Ask your neighbor for their favorite. They will appreciate the gesture.

2. Not Reading Up on Local Zoning Rules

At American Precast, we want to make things easy for you, so we look into the local zoning rules. That being said, it’s also a great idea to check them out for yourself.

Nothing ruins a project faster than missed zoning rules. It’s in everyone’s best interest to double-check.

3. Not Double Checking Measurements 

We highly recommend getting a professional to install your precast concrete fence. Still, we understand that some people want to install their own fencing. 

The biggest advice we have here is to double – triple, even – check every measurement. The saying “measure twice, cut once” definitely applies here. Any error will just translate down the fencing and will grow bigger.

4. Going For Cheap Materials

We all have to stick with a budget, but we recommend going with the best quality you can afford. Not only will quality look better, but it will also actually be cheaper over the years.

The great thing about high-quality fencings, like precast concrete, is the fence will pay for itself in the long run. Fewer repairs and a longer life equals money saved. 

American Precast Concrete Inc.

If you have any questions about insurance or any items precast-related, please contact American Precast Concrete Inc. We are here to assist you with all your precast concrete needs!

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