Our Customers

Government Agencies

During tough economic times, tight government budgets can hinder desperately needed community projects. American Precast Concrete makes is possible for local, city, county, state, and federal agencies to keep new construction and community revitalization projects viable. Our concrete panels and posts are reinforced with steel for increased sturdiness and can be made with any of our visually pleasing designs to blend handsomely with surrounding neighborhoods. For maximum security perimeters, we use high density concrete embedded with additional steel to create a product that is virtually impenetrable. Upkeep is minimal, further reducing budgetary concerns. Because of the unique design and process of precast concrete, if any section sustains damage, it can be replaced quickly without compromising the remaining structure.


American Precast Concrete understands the importance of blending form and function. Finials, lights, wrought iron embellishments, gates—no detail is overlooked. From realistic textures that mimic natural products to precise coloration that enhances the overall aesthetic quality of the property, our design team works closely with yours from blueprint to installation. Not only do we provide consistent and exact building specifications, but we are also committed to providing innovative solutions for challenging build sites. Precast concrete walls and fences can be installed on nearly any surface and soil condition. They are impervious to infestation, can withstand extreme temperatures and wind conditions, and are designed to absorb California’s seismic ground movement. Whether you need a perimeter that complements existing structures, or a decorative focal point for a one-of-a-kind landscaping project, we can meet even the most discerning client demands.


American’s design team works closely with engineers to ensure exact specifications are integrated according to plan. Each of our products is made to exceed even the most local, city, and county building codes. From CAD-generated designs and on-site installation, our team collaborates with yours throughout every step of the process to ensure the final product meets your exacting standards. Our minimum construction standards include:

  • Concrete Mixture conforms to Standard Specifications of Public Works Construction
  • 4500 psi compression, mixed for 28 days
  • Grade 40 rebar reinforcement; conforms to Spec A615
  • Galvanized steel mesh
  • Fibrillated fiber reinforcement
  • Concrete Color infusion includes iron oxide for permanence


Precast concrete fencing offers customization and sustainability that makes contractors jobs easier. Our precast concrete fence products offer durability while still allowing the fencing products to be moved and changed, even after installation. That makes precast concrete a favorite of contractors looking for a product that can be customized to individual job sites.

Utility Companies

Precast concrete fencing is a low-cost fencing alternative that has become the number one choice for securing substation perimeters. American Precast Concrete fences can be installed for a fraction of the cost and time. Minimal maintenance requirements allow utility companies to focus manpower on daily operations rather than perimeter upkeep. Our steel-reinforced concrete is impact-resistant and can be modified to attach razor-wire along the top to dissuade vandalism, prevent security breaches, and to keep children and animals out of harm’s way. We offer a wide selection of attractive designs, each of which are made with sound buffering technology to reduce noise pollution for nearby residents.


Commercial and residential developers turn to American Precast Concrete for walls and fencing that add visual appeal with the functional longevity that only we can provide. Precast concrete is not only more cost-efficient than traditional fencing materials, it provides long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance needs that keeps developments aesthetically inviting and property values high.  Whether fences are needed for privacy, visual screening, sound barriers, or decorative impact, American offers a wide variety of designs, realistic textures, and a rich color palette to create a picturesque addition to any development.