Architects – Precast Concrete Fence Customers


At American Precast Concrete, we deliver our clients the perfect blend of form and function. That is why architects across the nation choose us for a wide variety of municipal, residential, commercial, utility, industrial, and governmental applications.

Each project that American Precast Concrete undertakes can be customized. From an architectural plan take off to product production—no detail is overlooked. We custom design our products to your blueprint and exact specifications, providing architectural and engineering expertise to help meet your needs. From realistic textures that mimic natural products to precise coloration that enhances the overall aesthetic quality of the property, our design team works closely with you from beginning to end to create the perfect concrete fence or wall.

Why Architects Choose American Precast Concrete Products:

  • We customize our products to meet specific requirementsprecast-concrete-fence-between-houses
  • We provide consistent and exact building specifications
  • We offer innovative solutions to challenging building sites
  • We manufacture our products in a controlled factory environment making quality control our top priority
  • Precast concrete walls and fences can be installed on nearly any surface and soil condition
  • Our products satisfy the requirements of local building ordinances
  • Our concrete walls and fences are impervious to infestation, can withstand extreme temperatures and wind conditions, and are designed to absorb California’s seismic ground movement

If you are an architect wanting to work with American Precast Concrete, please contact us or give us a call at (626) 443-0970.