Why Precast Fences Are Perfect Against Noisy Neighbors

Everyone wants to live next to the perfect neighbors – quiet, neat, polite. No one wants loud, messy neighbors, but sometimes that is what we end up with. When your neighbors are less than perfect, lean on the saying “good fences make good neighbors.” Create good – even the best – neighbors by building a great sound blocking wall using precast concrete.

How can precast concrete fencing help with blocking sound? Well, there are three main characteristics that make a fence a great sound barrier – high-density, height, and an air-tight build. A wall that combines the best of those characteristics – like precast concrete ones – will be the best at blocking whatever noise your somewhat odd neighbor decides to make.


Walls that are solid, dense, and rigid will deflect the sound waves the best. Sound waves are just vibrations, and if they can continue through fencing, the noise isn’t being blocked. Absorptive materials, like vegetation, can only do so much and are typically best at reducing the sound in a space. That’s why sound-absorbing materials are used in recording studios. To keep sound out of a space – like your backyard – you will need to block it.

Precast concrete walls are the densest option out there for fencing. They can be cast with steel reinforcing rods or wire mesh embedded into them – increasing the strength and rigidity of the wall. Precast concrete has the added benefit of being the longest lasting and most durable option – meaning you will be able to block noise from your neighbors for years and years.


Most fences won’t be able to block sound waves that just go over them. To block all the noise, you will want a wall that is high enough. In general, if you can see the source of the noise, you can hear it too. Do your noisy neighbors have a balcony? Your wall will need to be even higher. 

Obviously, you will need to follow building codes – you can’t just put up a 30-foot wall and expect the city authorities to ignore it. American Precast concrete walls can be built up to 14 feet high, and that height will block most noisy neighbors. 

Air-Tight Build

Your wall will need to be air-tight with no gaps or holes. The holes in your wood fence or the slits between the wood panels are letting in tons of sound. Sound waves are kind of like water waves. If they can flow through a hole, gap, or space under the fence, they will. 

Precast concrete walls are built solid with no gaps or holes. The fence is built into a bottom foundation, so there is no gap at the bottom either.  The panels fit together perfectly and are designed so there won’t be any slits or gaps.

Because they are so durable, they will stay that way for a long time. And, they can be designed with decorative elements or pigment added, so your neighbor won’t have any reason to complain.

If you are ready to block out your noisy neighbors, making you both better neighbors, then contact American Precast Conrete, Inc. today to get started on your new precast wall. 

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