How Precast Concrete is Economical for Homeowners

brick precast fencing outside of a residential home

You have probably heard that precast concrete can save you money. Where exactly will you see those savings? In this blog article, we will be going over exactly how precast concrete saves you money.

Save On the Reuse of Molds and Forms

When you pour concrete, you have to create molds and forms to get the desired shape. On traditional concrete projects, you build new molds and forms just for that project. Once the project is complete, those molds and forms are usually thrown away – even though the next project could require the same molds and forms.

Since precast concrete is made in a warehouse, we can save the molds and forms from previous projects and reuse them repeatedly. 

This might seem small, but this is the top way to save money! Not only are you saving on the material costs, but also the time for workers to construct brand new molds and forms. This is also environmentally friendly – a win-win.

Save On Less Wasted Concrete 

Traditional concrete projects are a messy affair. The engineer has to order just enough concrete from the plant. Too much, and it’s wasted money. Too little, and the whole project could be ruined.

The concrete arrives at the project in concrete trucks. These trucks are timed to arrive at the project at the optimal time. If there is a delay, this could be a problem. You see, concrete has a time limit. After too long in the truck, it will go bad. Using this bad concrete will reduce the strength of the final product.

Precast concrete doesn’t have these same problems. There is no transportation of the uncured concrete happening. The only transportation is of the final, cured product to the project site. Removing the line of mixer trucks removes a lot of potential for wasted concrete.

Save On Durability

Precast concrete is one of the highest quality concrete available. This goes back to the way precast concrete is constructed. 

To cure or dry the concrete should be at an optimal temperature and humidity. This is very hard to get when you are pouring concrete outside. You do the best you can, and this often results in concrete that isn’t the best it can be.

To get around this, engineers will often overengineer the design to account for the reduced strength. This increases costs because there is an increase in expensive materials.

Precast concrete is poured indoors in a climate-controlled building. We can get the best conditions and therefore the best strength for our products.

When concrete is more durable, it lasts longer. This saves you money in the long run – fewer replacements and repairs.

Save on Fewer Accidents and Delays

With precast concrete, there are fewer accidents and delays. Why? Again, this goes back to the fact that our products are created in our warehouse. This allows us to be neater and more careful. 

One of the biggest causes of accidents on job sites is simple slips, trips, and falls. Our workers work around the forms all day, and there is no mud or other mess to create hazards.

With precast concrete, there are no delays due to weather or bad concrete in mixer trucks, and we can build the concrete parts while other things are happening on the project site. This equals a lot of time savings.

American Precast Concrete Inc.

If you are looking for a new fence for your home or to add a fence to your home, and you are considering precast concrete, contact American Precast today. We are here to help you through the process and find the best products for your home. 

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