Why Precast Concrete is the Ideal Choice for a Perimeter Wall

You put a ton of effort into designing and building a neighborhood. From the layout of the streets to the colors of the homes, every decision is made with the intent of getting people interested in and excited by the neighborhood.

One of the first things potential homeowners will see and notice in your neighborhood is your perimeter wall. You want your perimeter wall to tell them that your neighborhood is safe and private and that they will feel proud of owning a home there. Here are some of the reasons why a precast concrete perimeter wall is ideal.

Privacy and Noise Reduction

These are probably the number one thing residents are looking for with a perimeter wall. They don’t want passersby to be able to snoop into their backyard. Even if the neighborhood is next to a busy road or a commercial area, they still want their neighborhood to feel quiet and peaceful.

Precast concrete walls are thick and can be built up to 14 feet high. There are no gaps below or in the wall, so people walking by can’t peep in. The single best way to block noise is using a thick, rigid wall with no gaps – precast concrete is perfect for this.

Safe and Secure

Just as a solid wall will block noise and nosey people, it will also help block potential intruders – people and animals. At up to 14 feet high and with no gap below, there is nowhere for people, and animals, to get through a precast concrete wall. The smooth concrete walls make it difficult to climb too.

Even if your neighborhood is in a very safe area, the large and imposing precast concrete will make your residents feel even safer.

East to Install and Maintain

Precast concrete is built off-site in a climate-controlled environment. Each panel is formed and cured there. Only when everything is ready will they be shipped to your project location and assembled on-site. It reduces the amount of time your neighborhood is inconvenienced with equipment and workers and reduces the wear and tear to the existing infrastructure.

Concrete is one of the simplest building materials to maintain. Most years, all you will need is a quick inspection and a wash. If there is extensive damage, it’s much easier to replace a concrete panel vs. a large chunk of a brick or stone wall.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Pigment and/or aggregate can be added to the concrete before pouring to create an exciting and colorful wall that will last for a long time. The forms can also be created with built-in designs to create a more appealing wall.

Because concrete is long-lasting, the perimeter wall will continue to look good years after it’s installed.

Lower Cost

Precast concrete can lower both installation costs and maintenance costs. Because most of the work is done in a warehouse, it can be done quickly and efficiently. Plus, the concrete forms can be reused up to 40-50 times. Cast-in-place concrete jobs typically throw away the forms after one use. Precast concrete wall panels are installed whole sections at a time and don’t require any highly-skilled labor – unlike stone and brick walls.

Because such minimal maintenance is typically needed, you will be saving lots of money on all the missing wood panels, broken brickwork, and rusty chain-link fences you won’t have to replace or repair.

If you are interested in precast concrete for your perimeter wall, contact Åmerican Precast, Inc. today for a free custom estimate. 

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