Why You Should Use Precast Woodcrete Rails for Your Pasture Fencing

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When you erect wood rail fencing along the border of your property, you’re taking part in a tradition that started almost two hundred years ago by American trailblazers who made the first settlements out on the unknown western frontier. When you find yourself replacing warped, broken, and decayed sections of that same wood rail fencing every few years or so, you’re taking part in the less romantic, more headache-inducing aspect of that same American tradition.

Sure, wood rail fencing looks beautiful and performs its intended function. Still, it’s never long before the heat, the cold, the rain, insects, and other destructive forces wear away at it, forcing you to put more and more time and money into keeping your property protected. What if there were a material that could perfectly imitate the iconic look and texture of wooden ranch rails while also offering far greater strength, durability, and resistance to the elements?

Precast Woodcrete Rails 

Our precast Woodcrete rails system offers the best of both worlds for your pasture fencing. Precast concrete is produced in a climate and quality-controlled environment and reinforced with rebar and fiber mesh to create a rigid, resilient product that won’t yield to the elements like traditional wood fencing. Woodcrete rails are designed to look and feel like authentic wood fencing, too. The result is a product that is merely superior to its predecessor.

Our Woodcrete system comes in configurations of 2,3 or 4 rails and offers straightforward, mortar-free installation. And with dozens of color options to choose from, you’ll be able to achieve whatever look you desire.

Save Money on Installation and Avoid Costly Repairs

When you use precast Woodcrete rails for your pasture fencing, you save money in the short and long term. Our Woodcrete rails system is actually less expensive than traditional wood rail fencing to install. Because of its ability to withstand the elements, you’ll be spending far less money on repairs over the course of the fence’s lifetime. It’s a win-win situation.

Strong Enough to take on Mother Nature

Our Woodcrete rails system is engineered to be tough enough to take on all weather conditions. With a maximum strength of 4500 psi, your Woodcrete fencing will be able to resist wind, fire, water, and even earthquakes. And unlike traditional wood fencing, Woodcrete’s beautiful real wood look and feel won’t fade when subjected to the elements.

When It’s Better, It’s Better

You may want wooden rails for your pasture fencing simply because it’s what you’re accustomed to. Still, ultimately the benefits of precast concrete fencing so far outweigh those of wood rails that the traditional method has become nearly obsolete. If you’re looking for tough, resilient, weather-resistant fencing that still retains the authentic look and feel of wood, you’ve got to go with precast Woodcrete rails.

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