How Precast Concrete Walls Can Help Reduce the Impact of Wildfires on Communities

Burned wood fence after wildfire

The news is rife with worrisome stories about wildfires. Many people have seen the devastation fires can wreak.

It’s easy to feel powerless and think there’s not much you can do in the face of such a ferocious force of nature.

While there is some validity to that sentiment when the fires rage on, there is still a way you can be a part of the mitigation effort. Here’s how precast concrete durability makes it one of the best ways to protect communities from the grim aftermath of wildfires.

A Non-Combustible Material

Many materials can help fortify a property against natural disasters, but only non-combustible materials can shield them from wildfires. Precast concrete durability is strong enough to hold its structure during a disaster and won’t catch fire or help it spread.

Precast concrete walls can actually shelter people and their belongings during a wildfire, and professionals can restore the materials when the dust settles. This stability can also give you and your family time to think about your next moves — a luxury that you’ll be grateful you have in a natural disaster.

Containing Fires

Wildfires can certainly rip into your property without warning. But fires can also tear out into the community from your property just as quickly. Should your home or business catch fire, having a precast concrete wall will contain the fire so it won’t spread to other parts of your property or the neighborhood.

While this is less of an individual benefit, containing fires to protect the community is an enormous boon for businesses, especially if you’re in an industry that could start fires accidentally.

Protection from Toxic Compounds

Many building materials release toxic compounds into the air when burned, fueling an already dangerous situation. Smoke and toxic clouds aren’t talked about as much when discussing wildfires, but they can leave just as much of an impact on communities. The lower air quality is, at best, uncomfortable and, at worst, dangerous.

Unlike synthetics or plastic, concrete products don’t emit toxic gas when they come into contact with fire. Some of these gasses can even be deadly if inhaled enough, so precast concrete helps add another layer of protection from one of the quieter problems caused by wildfires.

Precast Concrete Durability is Unbeatable

Concrete has a melting point of 2200 Fahrenheit. By contrast, steel starts to degrade around 1200 Fahrenheit — a difference of 1000 degrees. The total-precast concrete system is the best way to protect a property from wildfires, but even precast concrete components can offer some excellent protection.

Precast concrete also starts looking a lot more appealing for buildings that are made primarily of natural resources — it can stave off fires from destroying any buildings with wood elements.

Precast Concrete for Community Protection

Precast concrete can’t stop or prevent wildfires. But it can mitigate the damage they cause. If you’re interested in getting a precast concrete fence, contact American Precast Concrete today.